Trash And Recycling Collection Guidelines

Trash & Recycling Guidelines


 *Monday thru Friday- from 6:30 am to 2:30 pm, Call Public Works 203-924-9277
*Tuesday thru Friday- from 8:00 am to 2:30 pm, Call City Hall 203-924-1555 Ext.1417

After HOURS- Call OAK RIDGE HAULING at 203-929-5488

 Use and Placement of Carts for Collection

Automated carts have been distributed to residents. The BLUE one is for recycling; the BROWN one is for trash. Trash and recycling will only be collected in the approved containers provided. Do NOT put your name on the carts. The carts have been assigned to your address, NOT to you. You may put your address below the handle. 

The initial carts are being provided to you at no cost to improve the quality of your collection service by:

  • Keeping papers, odors, refuse, etc., in the cart….the elements and animals out.
  • Improving your community’s appearance.
  • Provides a quiet, easy to handle container to store and move refuse.
  • Offering a safe, convenient and effective way to handle household waste


To place trash or recycling in your cart, always lift the lid from the front. Be careful to not overload your cart in excess of your ability to safely maneuver it. Trash must be in plastic bags. But, NO PLASTIC BAGS IN THE RECYCLE CART!

 Do not place the following in your cart:

Paint – Solvents – Gasoline – Soil – Acids – Oil – Hot Ashes – Medical waste – Exposed needles – Sand – Rocks.

NOTE:  Latex Paint is non-hazardous – completely dried may be disposed of in your Trash Cart.


Make sure the lid is closed. Then grab the handle and use the convenient “tilt and go” design feature (between the wheels at the rear of the cart), and tilt the cart back slightly. Now, safely and easily push or pull the cart. The cart is designed to withstand dragging, however, for easy use, tilt and roll. Don’t forget: always close the lid before moving, and on inclines pull the cart uphill and push the cart downhill. Put carts out by midnight prior to your specified day and place it with the arrow facing the street (or pick-up point) and the handle side facing your house (or away from the collection point). Containers may be placed for collection in the evening preceding the day on which collections will be made, however no earlier than 6:00 p.m. or dusk, whichever is earlier. Always keep the lid closed. This will keep animals, rain, snow and ice out, refuse and odors in the cart. Do not place your carts within three (3) ft. of each other or any other obstructions such as mailboxes, utility poles, fire hydrants, and parked cars or under trees.

If Cart is over filled or not accessible by the truck, your cart will not be collected.

AFTER COLLECTION– Do not leave your cart at the curb or street. To help maintain the appearance of your neighborhood, remove your cart as soon after collection as possible. Carts must be removed no later than 16 hours after collections have been made. Your new cart is designed to be stored in your garage or other convenient location next to your home. Take care to not store your cart close to a furnace, fireplace, grill or other source of excessive heat.

Additional Questions concerning Collection issues call: DPW-Highways & Bridges at 203-924-9277