The City of Shelton Human Resources department facilitates the recruitment and hiring of new employees and serves as a resource for employees and applicants. Working under the general direction of the Administrative Assistant of the Mayor’s office, Human Resources strives to maintain a satisfying experience for the City and its employees.

Recruitment, Applications and Selection

The City of Shelton recruits and selects employees based on merit. Employment opportunities become available either when new positions are created or when existing positions become vacant. The City is an Equal Opportunity Employer and as such, all of an applicants’ qualifications, education, knowledge, skills and abilities are taken into consideration when applications are presented for consideration. Applications, resumes and references are thoroughly checked as well as the scoring of interviews and practical andwritten testing according to the City of Shelton Merit System regulations.

How to Apply for a Job

Employment submissions require a signed job application. Applications may be obtained from the Department of Human Resources at Shelton City Hall, or on the Human Resources website. Resumes may also be included along with the employment application, but all information on the application must be completed. Please do not write, “Please see resume”.When a job is posted, applications are accepted until the closing date listed on the job posting. When vacant positions become available, they will be posted on this site. Applications submitted after the closing date on the posting, will not be accepted.
In the event that you wish to apply for a general position with the City, you must complete an original signed application, which will be date stamped and kept on file for one year.

Employment Opportunities


Chief-of-Police.pdf (64 downloads)


Board-of-Education-Secretary.pdf (298 downloads)


Parks-Maintainer.pdf (787 downloads)


Employment Application (513 downloads)


Communication to and from the City

Once an applicant has submitted an application or resume, it is important to notify the Human Resources Department of any address change. All communication of notifications, testing and interviewing is done by mail.

Thank you for your interest in employment with the City of Shelton. The rules and requirements of the hiring process are prescribed by the Merit System of the City of Shelton and in concert with applicable union contracts. The City of Shelton is an Equal Opportunity Employer and is proud to be a drug and alcohol free workplace.


City Hall
54 Hill Street – First Floor
Shelton, CT 06484


(203) 924-1555 ext. 1310


Tuesday – Friday 8:00 A.M. – 5:30 P.M.

Dept. Head:

Katherine R. Christopher, Director of Human Resources

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