Starting October 1st, Beard Sawmill Road will be closed to all thru traffic between Wells Hollow Farm Ice Cream, and Route 8 overpass for road reconstruction. Work is anticipated to take 4 weeks, and only authorized workers will be allowed to enter the work zone. Concrete barricades will completely block 1 end of the work zone, police will control access from the other.
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About the Purchasing Department

The Purchasing Agent is responsible for purchases regulated by the City and its Charter, section 7.14 The Purchasing Agent reports directly to the Director of Finance.

The Purchasing Department is located at 54 Hill Street, Shelton, Ct 06484. The office is open Tuesday thru Friday 8:00am - 5:30pm.

All appointments are scheduled in advance by calling 203-924-1555 x 1506

The Purchasing Agent shall let to bid all purchases (including those made by the Board of Education) which reasonably may involve the expenditure of Five Thousand Dollars ($7,500.00) or more by the Invitation of sealed bids, giving at least ten (10) days notice of the closing for bids by publication at least once In a newspaper having A substantial circulation in the City. Within five (5) days after the closing date for bids, the bids shall be opened publicly by the Purchasing Agent contract for the purchase to the lowest responsible bidder, provided however, the City may reject any, all or any part of any bids. If the authority to award contracts has been delegated, shall award contracts. The Board of Aldermen may establish such other regulations for purchases and bidding as It deems appropriate.

When any purchase Involves an expenditure In excess of TwoThousand Dollars ($2,000.00) and does not exceed SevenThousand FiveHundred and Ninety Nine Dollars ($7,500.00), the Purchasing Agent, or In the case of the Board of Education, an agent designated by the Board of Education, shall obtain a minimum of three written proposals for the purchase of the item and shall make such purchase from the lowest responsible vendor, unless the Purchasing Agent, or In the case of the Board of Education, an agent designated by the Board of Education determines other wise and in that event, the Purchasing Agent or in the case, of the Board of Education, an agent designated by the Board of Education shall create and maintain a written record of the reasons for such choice.

"Purchase" as used herein shall be defined to include the purchase In any fiscal year of any item, service or combination of items or services which singly or in the aggregate total the amounts indicated herein. Aggregate purchases shall not be divided into smaller increments so as to avoid the provisions called for herein.

The Board of Aldermen and the Board of Education for its purchases shall establish by resolution those services which are considered as professional and as to which bidding is not required. The Board of Aldermen and the Board of Education respectively may by such resolution establish such procedures with regard thereto as each deems reasonable. When the purchase of goods and the provision for services are combined, that portion involving the purchase of goods shall be subject to the provisions of this section.

Waiver of Bids: Whenever the Purchasing Agent shall determine that bidding for any particular goods or services would be impractical, impossible, or unwise, the Purchasing Agent shall recommend to the Board of Aldermen that bids be waived. Each such recommendation shall be in writing and shall state its reason. If the Board approves such recommendation by an affirmative vote of at least six (6) of the eight (8) members, bids shall, be waived and the goods or services shall be purchased In such manner as the Board of Aldermen directs.

The Director of Finance shall record the amount of each authorized purchase and each contract for a future purchase a encumbrance against the appropriation from which it is paid or to be paid.

Each charge and prospective charge against at the City shall state the Department and the appropriation against which it is to be charged. The Director of Finance or his agent shall audit and approve as correct and valid each charge against the City and shall authorize payment of all approved charges in writing. At the end of each month the Board of Apportionment and Taxation shall review the charges against the City for the preceding month and may make recommendations to the Mayor concerning charges against the City.

The Director of Finance shall prescribe the time at which and the manner in which persons receiving money for the account of the City shall be paid.

Online Purchasing Forms

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Current Bid Invitations

Please contact the Purchasing Department for complete Bid Packets



BID INVITATION 39-08 Lane Street Bridge Replacement


BID INVITATION 39-15 Lane Waverly Bridge Inspections RFQ


BID INVITATION BID # 39-09 Sidewalk Replacement at 415 Howe Avenue


BID INVITATION 39-07 Natural Gas for the City of Shelton


City Hall
54 Hill Street – Second Floor
Shelton, CT 06484


(203) 924-1555 ext. 1506


(203) 924-4273


Tuesday - Friday 8:00 A.M. – 5:30 P.M.

Dept. Head:

Gene Sullivan

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To receive bid specifications please contact the purchasing department, (203) 924-1555 Ext.1304.

Animal Shelter

The newly constructed Shelton Animal Shelter is located at 11 Brewster Lane. Shelter visiting hours are from 9am to 4pm, Monday through Friday and from 10am to 2pm on Saturday and Sunday. We’re going to modify the values of this text.  Please call first on weekends to schedule an appointment due to limited staff.  The Animal Shelter’s number is 203-924-2501 and website is Animal Control.

The Shelter provides adoption services for both cats and dogs and those interested in adopting should visit shelter during business hours to see available animals and to complete application. There is a $75.00 charge for adoption.

Animal Control Services

Shelton Animal Control has 1 full time Animal Control Supervisor and 2 part-time Animal Control Officers who are available to respond to complaints including, stray and roaming animals, injured animals, animal bites/ attacks, animal cruelty and failure to obey state and local animal ordinances. The animal control officers are certified by the state and can investigate and enforce laws such as leash laws, failure to obtain proper vaccinations/ licensing, roaming animals and animal cruelty issues. Animal Control officers can be reached, Monday though Friday 8am to 4pm and Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 2pm. Animal Control officers and Supervisor, Leon Sylvester, can also be reached at 203-924-2501.

Helpful Links for other Animal Related Issues

D.E.E.P. Department of Energy and Environmental Protection

*Help with non domestic animals and wildlife issues.

Nutmeg Clinic

* low cost spay and neutering option as well as shots and vaccinations

A Hand For A Paw

*Assistance with Animal care/food/medical treatment.


Welcome to the Shelton Animal Shelter we are located at Riverdale Avenue. Animal Control Officer is on duty Monday-Friday 8:00am – 3:00pm, Saturday-Sunday by appointment only. Our telephone number is (203)924-2501.

If you are interested in adopting one of our animals, please visit our shelter, meet our dogs, cats and fill out an application. See pets for adoption here.

To combat pet overpopulation, Shelton Animal Control is working with Animal Population Control Program (APCP) to provide low cost spay and neuter surgery for all unaltered shelter pets. Please call and ask us about the program.


The Shelton Animal Control Shelter has 1 full time animal control officer and 2 part-time helpers who care for impounded animals,  the animal control officer  responds to complaints such as stray dogs, injured animals, animal bites, and animal cruelty. We also conduct investigations and enforce laws pertaining to animals such as the leash law for dogs and vaccination requirements for dogs and cats. Other responsibilities include overseeing volunteers, and interviewing potential adopters. If you are interested in volunteering please give us a call.


Animal Control
11 Brewster Lane
Shelton, CT 06484




9:00am – 4:00pm
Monday – Friday
Other times by Appointment Only

Department Head:

Leon Sylvester

Send an Email

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